A wound can have a many different levels of severity, from minor scrapes to major injuries where you may not think your pet will make it. Although we hope that your animal does not deal with this, it is important to understand what is happening with your pet and understand that we are here to help just in case.

We are able to help you and your pet, no matter how severe the wound is. We will do everything we can to aid in the healing process.

Animals get wounds for many reasons. They may be hit by a car or get in a fight with another animal. Since you can never be sure what another animal is going to do, make sure that you always practice caution when allowing your dog to say hello to another animal. You may have trained your dog properly, but that does not mean that all pets are good with other animals.

We can use many different techniques to help your pet heal. We may simply bandage the wound up with some cream under it, just as you would do with a cut on a human. We can also give your pet many different medicines, depending on the nature of the wound. We may have to explore the wound surgically and put drains in so that it doesn’t heal until an infection is gone.